15 secrets why continued breastfeeding creates a healthy baby

15 secrets why continued breastfeeding creates a healthy baby


6Motherhood is the most important phase in a woman’s life and there are some basic health tips all the new mommies need to follow. One of them is breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is one of the most beautiful experiences that every woman should experience in her lifetime. They say giving birth and breastfeeding completes a woman. It also helps to create a very special bond between the mother and the baby, which nothing else in this world can replace. A born baby requires a lot of care and attention as they are very sensitive now and cannot be fed just anything. Breast milk not only contains a perfect balance of all the nutrients for your little one, but it also keeps several diseases at bay. It is always advisable to breastfeed your babies in the first year as this will make them healthy and build their immunity too. After all, all a mommy needs is to make sure their baby has an all round growth and development.

Given below are 15 important factors about why breastfeeding is so important:

1. Helps to Build a Lovely Bond

Breastfeeding releases Oxycontin hormone which promotes maternal bonding. The mother and the baby will automatically develop a special closeness or a bond that cannot be replaced. This closeness can be enjoyed only by breastfeeding the baby. This is a very important step to make the baby feel secure around you. It also helps to reduce stress levels in women.


2. Provide Protection and Nutrition

Breast milk comes in perfectly balanced nutrition content depending on the baby’s needs. Mothers’ milk contains just the right amount of proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and fats that the baby requires and this nutritional value can change as and when the baby grows and develops. No other formula or breast milk supplement can replace the goodness of breast milk 100%.

3. Early Milk helps pass meconium

Breast milk also contains several antibodies that have disease resistant properties and helps to keep several illnesses at bay. The first milk after childbirth called “colostrum” protects the gut and digestive system of the baby and is vital for the newborn’s health and development. It helps pass a sticky substance called meconium present in the baby’s intestine.


4. More Breastfeeding = More Milk

The size of your breasts won’t really matter when it comes to milk production. Big or small, breasts begin to prepare itself for the milk production after the onset of pregnancy only. As the baby is born, the pregnancy hormones in the body activate the breasts to secrete the milk. The breasts will continue to produce milk as much as the baby needs, so it is like a supply and demand relationship!

5. Easy and Effective

With breast milk, you don’t have to worry about the milk going bad, as it is always at the right temperature, safe and fresh. There is also no hassle with sterilizing bottles, or boiling the milk and you can feed as and when the baby needs. Breastfeeding is perfect for the night too, as moms can easily feed the baby without any fuss.


6. Pure and Fresh

Since the breast milk is given directly from the supplier to the consumer, it guarantees fresh produce without any adulteration, preservatives, pollution, unnecessary packaging or wastage of any kind and is 100% safe and natural. So you do not have to be stressed about any kind of toxicity in breast milk.

7. Diabetic women require less insulin

Sometimes, diabetic mothers are scared if they should feed their babies their breast milk or not. When you are diabetic, then you should definitely breastfeed your baby. This is because breastfeeding reduces the amount of insulin that is required by the body in diabetic women.