4 Healthy And Unhealthy Foods For 5th Month Pregnancy

4 Healthy And Unhealthy Foods For 5th Month Pregnancy



Wow, so you are pregnant! Such news is always exciting in any couples’ life. From the day when a couple plan for the baby, till the day the mother confirms the news, each day passes like a month. And finally when the good news is said to all, each day is like a year for everyone. The wait gets over only when the baby is delivered and till then everyone has their share of good advice for the mother.  The couple has to be extra cautious for everything. Whether it be exercising, sleeping or eating, there are numerous things to be taken care of.  Relatives, elders and neighbors all share their experience with the mother in order to encourage her and make pregnancy look simple for her.

As soon as the first trimester gets over, the fear of getting a miscarriage gets over by 90%.  The second trimester is a new phase.  The baby starts developing inside the womb. The belly grows and so does the mother’s carve for food. You would have never felt so much hungry before. Now the body undergoes hormonal changes and demand food for two. Dieting at this point is out of question. But that doesn’t mean one should start overeating. It is always advised to take small and frequent meals rather than keeping oneself hungry for long time and grabbing all at once.


When we talk about food; chocolates, ice creams and junks are thought of first whereas, these foods don’t provide any kind of nutrition to the baby. They can be unhealthy for both mother and the baby. It is not that you need to completely ignore these foods, but if you want to eat, try to prepare these at home.  Always prefer healthy and nutritious food if you want your baby grow properly. You should prepare a chart for your daily food intake and exclude any thing that can hinder your baby’s growth. By following a simple diet chart you can fulfill your baby’s requirements. The fifth month pregnancy should include various foods essential for the growth of the baby, at the same time you need to be careful about not eating certain food that can be unsafe.

Daily healthy foods to include diet chart:


During pregnancy water is very necessary part of your daily chart. You will have to drink a lot of water in order to keep yourself hydrated. You should consume a minimum of 4 liters of water. Many women get infection in their urinary tract (UTI) because they drinking less water. They undergo medication and experience discomfort and pain. Prevention is better than cure. So if you don’t want to suffer, drink a lot of water. Water also helps to avoid constipation problem that is common during 5th month of pregnancy. By fluids we don’t just mean water. Liquids like milk, juice and soups should also be taken.


Milk is an excellent source of calcium, protein and vitamin-D.  Both mother and the baby need calcium during pregnancy. Baby’s bones and teeth start to develop for which calcium is a must. Protein contained in the milk helps in blood supply, and building up breast, uterus and baby’s tissue. milk and sun are the only sources of vitamin-D for vegetarians. Vitamin-D maintains birth weight of baby and prevents neonatal rickets. So, it is necessary to consume minimum two glasses of milk everyday by a pregnant lady.

If you need more variety of fluids in your diet, you can opt for different juices. Juices are also great source of nutrients and minerals. Orange juice contains vitamin-C and a little potassium which helps to prevent flu and cold during pregnancy. Carrot juice shall help to increase your unborn baby’s sight and also clear liver and body as they are loaded with vitamins A and E. Beet-root juice purifies blood and avoid anemia as they contain good amount of iron. Lemon juice treats nausea and contains protein, carbohydrate, vitamin, fiber, zinc, calcium and folic acid, which are all required by a pregnant woman.


Like juices, soups are also healthy during 5th month pregnancy. They are easily digested and solve digestion problems faced during second and third trimester. Soups contain all the required minerals and vitamins. During winter, a bowl of warm soup comforts the body. Soups are very easy to make and even easy to drink. Among all soups, pumpkin soup is much preferred as they are both tasty and. It is a low fat drink which everyone prefers.