How soon after a caesarean can I get pregnant

How soon after a caesarean can I get pregnant


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Most of the couples who have had baby would love to get another baby as soon as possible. There can be many reasons for this fast and urgent decision. First and most important reason could be age and another might be desire to have kids with small age difference. If you just had a baby a few months ago and you are already planning your next one, then you must hold off the thought for a while, especially if you had a caesarean delivery of your current child.

Most parents are so excited about getting a little brother or sister for their child that they often forget to wait for a sufficient amount of time until the mother has completely recovered from the surgery and this may lead to some complications. So mothers who have undergone a C-section must know these things before preparing for the next baby. There can be lots of question coming into your mind like appropriate time to conceive, can you have vaginal birth etc.


Is family planning really necessary?

Family planning is perhaps the first and foremost thing to do after a marriage as you need to be prepared physically, mentally and financially to have a baby. If you have already had your first child and planning on a second, you must give ample time for the mother to cope up with the changes and recover completely until she has the strength and ability to go through another pregnancy.

Moreover, planning the second child is more important, especially if you have had a c-section during the previous pregnancy as it can be complicated if you choose to have another baby just a few months after having your first child.


How long one should wait before getting pregnant after C-Section?

It is highly recommended that parents wait at least 10- 18 months after a c-section before planning for their second baby. This time is almost same for a woman who had given birth vaginally. Though most doctors advise to wait for at least 1 year, some doctors may also recommend holding off getting pregnant for 2 years or so especially if you want to have a vaginal delivery.

Giving this much time is very much important, as it will help your body to get recovered from the scars that might have developed while giving birth. It is necessary to give time and if it is longer, then it is better as it will make your body strong and healthy. And if you are thinking to have next baby vaginally then you must give time to your body to heal. If you are still confuse that why you need to give so much time then following reasons you should definitely consider before getting pregnant after cesarean section.



There are high chances of having health complications if you do not give plenty of time to recover. You can develop other health complication such as you might get complications from ruptured uterus or there are higher chances that your next delivery might be premature birth. Uterine rupture means the scar you have got from your previous c-section reopens during labor. This puts you and your baby at serious and high risk.

Healing time

Your body is not a machine. You must give it time to heal, for some women this might be a very long time. You need to keep in mind that your body has already lost lots of nutrients during delivery process and your body needs to regain those lost nutrients again. More blood is lost in caesarean section delivery as compared to vaginal birth. You must have lost lots of iron too. Therefore, you and your body really need a serious healing time to get ready for your next delivery.


Planning time

Yes, giving time to plan the next baby is an essential thing. This will give you enough time to relax and heal so you can be well prepared for your next delivery. Taking sufficient time also helps you to heal and become energetic to welcome the new member in the family.  Another important thing to keep in mind is to talk to your health care provider. As every women and her health is different so the best time to get pregnant after the first delivery differs from woman to woman.